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15.3.2017 14.26

Multiculturalism Is Key, its’ Unavoidable!

Njoki Githieya
"I am visible--see this Indian face--yet I am invisible. I both blind them with my beak nose and am their blind spot. But I exist, we exist. They'd like to think I have melted in the pot. But I haven't, we haven't." -Gloria Anzaldua
This is perhaps the best summation of the life of an international, so often, we are expected to melt in the pot, do not bother to rock the boat, sit quietly and appreciate that war no longer surrounds you, that education was free for those before you; That health care is a governmental priority and perhaps most attractive; Things work!, the law is clear and its implementation is unquestionable, from all the internationals, Thank you Finland.

But, before I move on, is the law really inclusive, is there really diversity in gender and labour? do we have equal success and access to opportunities? Why is it then that you are currently struggling to count the number of international staff members in your organisation? These are the norms that we aim to change, by creating a more international work force, engaging the international community and allowing them to make a fair contribution in the society.

Practically speaking, investing in international talent is smart business specifically; it improves our competitive advantage worldwide. Promoting a multicultural work life has the capacity to promote key agendas’ that are primal to us as a society including: women’s’ rights, non-discrimination and equality; especially gender equality. Further, it sustains our core values and principals of fairness, integrity and inclusion.

In the age of globalisation, it is impossible to have a closed economy, like diversity in business we should also see an increase in international talent uptake, reduce the brain drain that Finland is facing with international talent and create an aggressive campaign to retain trained talent. Advocating for diversity and a multicultural work life is the first step; it requires further dialogue with all stakeholders including the private and public sector. I stand for change, inclusive change that minority voices do not seem to fade unnoticed. To change current statistics that indicate the young people are most vulnerable to poverty.

Join The Movement! Promote a Multicultural work life.

Njoki Githieya

Writer is an international student, international talent and an advocate for equality and inclusion and the space between, who encourages a society that recognises the value in diversity and encourages its advancements. She was one of the participants in Work Up! Multicultural Working Life seminar in January 2017. 

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