Work Up! Multicultural Working Life

Global business environment and increased migration to Finland open up new opportunities for our society and economy to benefit from the skills and know-how of newcomers. Finnish business life can be boosted by these new talents, for example by feeding innovativeness trough diversity, bringing more global business opportunities for the existing companies and creating new startups.

Thanks for the great discussions to everyone on the Work Up! Multicultural Working Life seminar on Tuesday 31st of January 2017. Are you interested in the matter but missed the seminar? You will find a recording of the seminar here.

Alla olevilla videoilla Agendiumin ja HappyOrNot -yritysten edustajat kertovat miten monikulttuurinen työyhteisö heillä toimii ja mitä etuja siitä on heidän liiketoiminnalleen.

Multicultural Working Life as a resource and competitive asset!
Monikulttuurinen työelämä voimavaraksi ja kilpailueduksi!