Making Finnish working life the best in Europe

In our global economy, Europe faces major challenges with regard to its competitiveness. These challenges result from changes in the age structure of the population and in methods of production.

Finland is particularly affected by the changes in the age structure of the population because on average our population is aging more rapidly than elsewhere in Europe. Baby boomers are retiring and a new generation, smaller in number, is entering the working life. At the same time, our production structures and operating approaches are to a large extent still based on mass-production thinking. A change is urgently needed.

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: We will make Finnish working life the best in Europe by 2020.  Achieving the goal depends on each individual workplace and organisation and on their operating practices.  We need both good management and competent personnel, plus a dose of constructive cooperation.

The practical work will take place under the National Working Life Development Strategy to 2020, which involves both private and public sector workplaces. The project is broad-based and in this respect it is also unique internationally. 

You are cordially invited to study the road map for making Finnish working life the best in Europe.

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