Focus areas

In order  that Finland can achieve the best working life in Europe, it is important for workplaces to develop and invest in the following:

Innovation and productivity - this requires
• a culture that supports reform
• making use of new technology and simultaneously reforming  practices
• involving personnel in development activities

Increasing trust and cooperation - this requires
• practices based on mutual respect, openness and reciprocity.
• a culture and structures that strengthen trust
• extensive and proactive cooperation

Health and wellbeing at work -  this is based on:
• work will generating wellbeing for employees
• work being meaningful and target-oriented
• changes being manageable and support being available to cope with change.

A competent workforce - this is the result of
• continuous competence development
• management of personnel resources
• cooperation between education and working life

If these factors are combined in a balanced way at workplaces, the quality and productivity of working life will improve.