Finnish working life brand

Finnish working life is in many ways among the tops in the world. As stated in the report of the brand group, good working life should be turned into a competitive factor for Finland to attract foreign investments and experts and promote the exports of Finnish companies.

According to international statistics, studies and comparisons, Finnish working life possesses various kinds of quite unique strengths. This is known, but so far it has not been systematically used as a competitiveness factor.

The Finnish working life brand is constructed upon three claims. The group has written a narrative in support of each claim, based on the information we have on Finnish working life in international statistics and studies.

  • The strongest expertise in the world
  • The most advanced cooperation in the world
  • The safest work environment in the world

The report Good working life as Finland’s competitiveness factor of the working life brand group of the Working Life 2020 project coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment was published on 12 January 2017. The key proposal is that a strong brand should be constructed around the Finnish working life. The aim is to support economic growth in Finland, promote Finland’s success in international cooperation and showcase Finland as a model and inspiration for others.